About us

Here is a short interview with the soloists so you could know these talented guys a little bit better.

Where were you born? Speak about your parents.

К. G. I was born in Engels. My parents are engineers.

A. M. I was born and grew up in Moscow. My mother is an economic analyst and my dad is a soldier.

V. О. I was born in Moscow, my father is a businessman, my mother is a designer.

What is your music background?

К. G. Although my parents are not musicians by profession, both of them studied in music schools. My aunt is a pianist, she graduated from the Saratov Conservatory. She helped me to take my first steps in the world of classical music. When I turned 6, my mother took me to an experimental music lyceum which was modelled after the most prestigious music schools in Russia. After graduation I went to Moscow and was admitted at the Moscow Conservatory.

A. M. My first steps in music were made in the early childhood … at the ballet school, where I had the subject called “general piano”. These lessons seemed to me more interesting than choreography. My soul needed more music, and I prepared for my lessons with special diligence and great desire. Then my parents and I decided I’d better study the piano professionally. That’s why I entered a local music school and I still do not regret it. The next step was going to the Moscow Tchaikovsky Music School, and finally, I graduated from Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

V. О. From my early childhood I was interested in music. My mother always encouraged my aspiration. Nevertheless, my parents never planned my future of a professional pianist but one of my teachers at school discovered my talent and insisted that my parents should take me to music school. Due to her I have everything that I have dreamed of.

As for my professional music education, my path was similar to the one of many musi-cians: I finished music school and entered the Moscow Conservatory. After graduation I studied at Dusseldorf Music Academy to obtain an Artist Diploma.

How did you end up in Bel Suono? What does it mean to you?

К. G. Maxim invited me – we have been friends since studying in the conservatory. I did not know anything about Bel Suono back then. I remember that Leyla was in doubt about accepting me but eventually she decided to take me and I hope that she does not regret it! Bel Suono for me is, first of all, a brave experiment that proves that even in today’s con-stantly changing world there is always a chance to create something new, fresh and mod-ern based on the heritage of classical music culture. By all means, this is my dream job!

A. M. I have been long acquainted with the works of Bel Suono, because my friend Vasily Opalev is one of its soloist. Many thanks to him, I managed to attend some of their concerts and was lucky to go behind the scenes and congratulate them personally with a great concert. Just by chance, there was a piano, which I can rarely resist, so I sat down and started improvising. The producer of Bel Suono, Leyla Fattakhova, enjoyed me playing and was incredibly nice and very important to hear from her! One day I heard that one of the members was leaving and I was lucky to get an audition and to be given a chance by Leyla to joint Bel Suono. I feel extremely grateful and happy everyday!

V. О. I was on vacation when my phone rang – it was Leyla, our producer and creator. She offered to go through auditions. It was a total surprise to me as I was solely a classical mu-sic performer.

Bel Suono has become a second family to me, a united team, which, despite different char-acters of the members of it, pursues one big goal.

Which music do you also love to listen to?

К. G. I have always been a fan of rock music mixd with electronic sound – Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, Muse, Radiohead, Coldplay, The Killers… Lately I have been into lounge and fusion music that helps to relax. As for the classical music, I adore Rakhmaninov and List.

A. M. I love music that can “touch” people, which happens when composers and writers have something to say. That’s the music that speaks most to the people and creates unbreakable bonds.

V. О. I prefer modern music, namely EDM, Trap, Dubstep, Rap and House. Also I like cin-ematic music.

Who would you become if not pianist?

К. G. I think that I would enjoy doing something connected with cars – taking part in races or opening a car service.

A. M. If I hadn’t become a musician, I wouldn’t have been really happy and would feel like I’m in the wrong place. I guess I could become a programmer or a mathematician… and yes, the mix of creativity and exact sciences is a pure paradox.

V. О. I used to do sports and eventually I joined the Russian ski team as a professional mountain skier. But at a moment it became impossible to do both activities so I had to choose. But actually, I think that I wouldn’t become a sportsman, more likely – a busi-nessman, as it is as thrilling as a career of a performing artist.

What are your hobbies?

К. G. As I have already told, I love cars and all the things connected with them. I watch F1. Moreover, I enjoy long walks around the city, travelling, reading and singing.

A. M. I’m constantly finding new hobbies and it’s hard to enumerate all of them, but I will try: IT-technologies, all kinds of gadgets, video editing, snowboarding, traveling, cars. A little bit of everything. However, doing music, which includes, composition, arrangement, sound engineering, etc., is what’s most important to me.

V. О. I have plenty of them.. Maybe most of all I love travelling, discovering something new. Also I enjoy different extreme sports. But the main hobby is my job which makes me incredibly happy!